Start Building Your E-Mail List Today



All business owners will hear that they need to have an email list that they can market to. However, many of these business owners don’t know the reasons why they need to have a list. There are a number of reasons that people should know about.



An Email List Is A Business Asset



Your email list is an asset that you own and that cannot be taken away from you. If you change your website address or your Facebook page, you can still contact your potential customers via email. This ensures that you do not lose any of the momentum that you have built up or the connection with the people that you have on your list.



Increased Sales



One of the primary reasons why you need to have an email list is the increased reach of your sales. Research has shown that a consumer will generally need to be exposed to a marketing message 7 times before they consider buying. Email marketing is a great way to get your product out to your potential customers and increase the number of times they have been exposed to it.


Multi Channel Marketing


Carrying on with the seven touched analogy, email marketing can fit into a multi channel marketing approach including direct mail, cold calling and even local radio without adding to the budget. The emails just add to the other marketing messages to re-inforce the message and increase the overall exposure with minimum extra budget.



You Can Easily Keep In Touch



If you have any big announcements that you feel potential customers need to know then an email list is essential. Putting the announcement on your website and social media platforms is important, but sending it to your email subscribers will ensure that they actually see it. More people are likely to see your email than to see it on your website unless they constantly check your website regularly.



There are a number of other reasons why you need to build an email list to market to. However, the fact that you own your list and that you can increase your sales should be reason enough to create an opt-in box on your website.



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